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HK Audio Icon LTS aktívny systém

HK Audio Icon LTS aktívny systém

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Aktívny systém Icon LTS sa skladá z 2ks IC 112 LA a 4ks IC 118 BA subwooferov.

IC 112 LA:

The active, processor-controlled 2-way mid/high unit is entirely horn-loaded. With its 24-bit/96-kHz DSP and both power amps, this unit is the heart of the system. The 12"/8-Ohm neodymium loudspeaker is driven by a 1000-watt Class D power amp @ 4 Ohms, whereas the 1.4"/8-Ohm high frequency driver is powered by a 600-watt Class D amp @ 4 Ohms. The DSP unit controls the entire system, including Gain, EQ and both limiters (RMS/Peak). With the IC 112 LA, the coaxial arrangement of the 60° x 40° CD horn and the 12" speaker (also horn-loaded) creates a precise coverage pattern of 60° x 40° over a frequency range from 400 Hz–17 kHz.
The audio reproduction of mids and highs is guaranteed to be high-resolution all the way up to 131 dB SPL (in half space). The Tilt Unit (available as an option) permits the upper cabinet to be angled in 5° increments up to a maximum of 15°; as a result, the upper cabinet can be aimed directly at the audience area even when the system is ground stacked. The upper cabinet is equipped with two multi-function handles and a removable dolly. Integral Aeroquip tracks enable the cabinet to be flown

+ 6x obal
+ 1x BV Net modul procesor

HK Audio Icon LTS aktívny systém

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